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MARKO MITANOVSKI is a Serbian designer known for the sculptural and theatrical of his creations, celebrities like Paloma faith, Skunk Anansie, Katie Melua and Immodesty Blaize has worn his garments, but who gave him more international exposure was Lady Gaga with her influence in the fashion world. Both have worked together in several projects and he even made some of the outfits for Lady Gaga’s tour ‘monster ball’

This season, the models were sent down the catwalk sporting leather and latex designs, most of them covered in black paint to give the staging of the collection a mystical feeling. However, the last model was completely dressed and covered in white paint, MARKO revealed in an post-show interview that the intention of this, was creating a contrast to give some interest to the show.

The garments were structured creating shapes that resembles the English gothic architecture, and featured straps all through them, as well as some embroidery and inlaid jewelry work. MARKO said he worked with sculpturing and jewelry design, and found inspiration in Birds, skeletons, architecture and nature, in order to create something new for this collection.

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