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Balenciaga AW17


Big grey curtains covering the walls of the venue resembled the corporate look of high tower buildings were the march of suits and ties flow into every weekday morning. Demma Gvasalia always look into reality to find his inspiration, and this time corporate companies was the theme. Balenciaga recently relocated to the same building where parent corp Kering is housed. Now Gvasalia swims in a daily sea of collar-and-tie convention, making even more obvious why the theme choice this season.

While “corporate” might sound as a dirty word for most of the creative peers, Gvadalia embraced it as a reality and took the opportunity to take away the rigidity of the corporate suit, insisting, he was after warmth, cosiness and comfort. The cut, the proportions, the styling made for an extremely loose — in every way — take on tradition. Trousers hugged the hipbone, shirts flapped open over bare chests, a titan of industry’s topcoat was paired with leggings or velvet pants and a Balenciagan take on the biker boot. Just in case you forgot where you worked, coats were branded KERING across the back. This was corporate dressing for people who’ve never worn a suit or a tie.


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