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LCM ss16: KTZ


This season, KTZ moved from their home venue – The Old Sorting Office- to a new space, located right off Southwark. The new venue was a set of underground vaults contained underneath overground train tracks, where a “maze catwalk” had been set ready for the show. The show space was made to impress, using 6 foot high fencing separating the attendees from the models to create a caged feeling, with alternate strip lighting and mirrors hanging from them. An original idea to keep people enticed and create expectations for the show.

The main inspiration used for SS16 was a kid’s will to stitch together and recycle different materials to recreate that character they want to be. Under the motto “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” they inspired their looks with prints and textures from materials that are often recycled to give them a second life, like plastics and stationary products. Towards the end of the show the theme turned slightly more leathery and flesh-exposing, in other words, more KTZ like.

Through the collection we can difference three very defined themes, each one evolving to the one that follows. Starting with the “plastic theme” where opaque see through PU materials were mixed with bonded pieces in primary colours, giving a hint of the models bodies through the translucent material. Evolving to a second “stationary crafted” theme, where the materials used looked like tin foil, cardboard and newspaper print. And into a third and final “motocross-esque” theme where the garments got shorter and tighter – leather, leather and more leather was used with a sponsor-like “high-voltage” phrase printed all over and incarnations of the KTZ logo. All accompanied with parachutes flying after three of the models to give that spectacle touch.

The collection will be available next SS16 in-situ in several stockists around the world, and can also be purchased online in KTZ’s official website, which you can find here.

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