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LE KILT hosted their first presentation this SS16 at the London Fashion Week titled ’Stupid Girl’, which was inspired by the title of the 1996 Garbage tune. Amidst the hustle and bustle on Oxford Street, there’s the 100 Club, where Le Kilt held their presentation. Walls, covered in photos of singers who have played at the 100 Club since opening, and models hung out on stage – posing for the cameras, enjoying the 90’s vibe and Xavier Roide’s live performance.

Samantha McCoach founded Le Kilt in 2014 with a vision of making her family’s kilt-making heritage modern, and for SS16, the kilts were obviously the centre stage of the collection. With a refreshing spin on the traditional Scottish attire, McCoach created the kilts in both contemporary and monochrome Linton Tweedes. Although the collection was very refreshing, Le Kilt still presented one classic tailored two-piece that were accessorized with 1960s-inspired glasses, formed in collaboration between Le Kilt and the British LARKE optics.

The collection had a very youthful spirit, thanks to the playful fabrics, the balance between modernity and tradition – last but not least, the re-appropriation of iconic silhouettes. McCoach showed us that Punk is still alive and brought our desire to rock tartan!

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