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COTTWEILER is a British brand born from the union of Ben Cottrell and Matthew Dainty, two concept-led designers based in London. This season COTTWEILER showcased their new collection in a venue enclosed inside a sports centre in central London, a convenient location within the area where London Collections Men takes place. The venue consisted of three separate rooms with different sets. The first room was all white and lighted up in a soft pink light, with cushioned podiums, where the models would stand trying to keep the balance. As a contrast, the second and third rooms were darkened with a directional spotlights shining on the models and lying TV screens on the floor.

COTTWEILER is generally known for providing luxury casual-wear focusing on the simplicity, function, fit and fabrication of the garments. This season, the brand used a solid white and cream colour palette, together with lightweight and bonded fabrics, giving the collection a clerical and almost heavenly look. Draped silhouettes with a pearl finish were created to mimic modernized religious dress codes, together with stripes made by alternating different fabrics, gave the collection some visual interest.

The collection will be available next summer 2016 in a series of stores that can be found in their website as well as some online retailers.




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